Postdoctoral Scholarship Grant in Germany for 2022/23 Academic session.

Postdoctoral Scholarship Grant in Germany for 2022/23 Academic session.: Great offer! Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is delighted to offer the postdoctoral study grant to all interested applicants who want to commence study at the university in Germany.

The scholarship grants seek to fund exceptional international and local students who wish to commence Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship study at the university for the 2022/23 academic session in Germany.

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is a foundation established by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany and funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It promotes international academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from Germany and from abroad. The Foundation was initially established in Berlin in 1860 to provide German scientists support to do research in other countries.

Postdoctoral Scholarship Grant in Germany for 2022/23 Academic session.

The Humboldt Foundation provides a flexible sponsorship program for researchers at all stages of their careers. This research program enables outstanding scientists and scholars from abroad to complete long-term research stays in Germany. Humboldt Professorship, Germany’s most valuable research award, brings top international researchers to German universities.

Selection Criteria:

  • The Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship addresses postdoctoral researchers with above-average qualifications from Germany regardless of their research discipline.
  • You hold German citizenship.
  • If you are a country other than German citizen, you are eligible to apply if you are working academically in Germany at the time of application.
  • Doctorate completed less than four years before the date of application. Candidates who have nearly completed their doctoral degrees are eligible to apply provided they submit the manuscript of their dissertation or publications containing the results of their dissertation, however, at the earliest six months before the completion of their dissertation.
  • Academic publications are reviewed according to international standards and printed in journals or publishing houses.
  • Confirmation that research facilities are available and mentoring agreement and a detailed expert’s statement from an academic host at a research institution abroad who is eligible to act as such in the Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship Programme.
  • Expert reviews from the doctoral supervisor and one other academic qualified to give well-founded comments on the applicant’s qualification, preferably including reviewers not working at the applicant’s institute.

Scholarship Perks:

Postdoctoral candidates can apply for a 6- to 24-month fellowship, and experienced researchers for a 6- to 18-month fellowship that can be split into three stays for three years.

The fellowship amount varies by target country and life situation. To calculate this amount individually, please use our fellowship calculator. Travel expenses are reimbursed in addition.

Entry Process:

To apply for this award, applicants are required to complete the form via the online application portal. A confirmation of receipt will be issued after the application has been submitted.

Entrance Requirements:

  • Curriculum vitae (two pages max)
  • Research outline (five pages max)
  • Complete list of your publications
  • List of selected key publications
  • Key publications
  • Doctoral certificate or proof that your doctorate has been completed successfully, or confirmation that this will be the case within the next six months
  • If required: Acceptance form and publisher’s acknowledgment of receipt and summaries/translations of key publications that are not available in German or English.

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