UNESCO World Heritage Residence Scholarship 2023 for Young Creatives Worldwide

Good News! You can now apply for the 2023 edition of the UNESCO World Heritage Residence Scholarship for Young Creatives around the world. This is the 5th call for applications since the inception of the program.

UNESCO World Heritage Residence Scholarship

The Residence scholarship was created in 2018 by the region of Gävleborg, Sweden at the World Heritage site. The call for the UNESCO World Heritage Residence Scholarship applications is now open until 15 February 2023.

This Convention was designed to create links between people and promote international cooperation (Peace is a central concept). The renowned UNESCO World Heritage Residence Scholarship is based on the following ideas;

  • The idea to increase interest and understanding of human common memory through World Heritage sites.
  • To build both artistic and creative contacts between World Heritage sites around the globe

The Scholarship program is structured in two phases, the first which is a one-month residence at one of the seven World Heritage farms, and the second which is the sum of 4500 Euros (50.000 SKR) to be used on a project. These project usually has an international dimension and builds bridges between World Heritage sites in an artistic or cultural way.

Benefits of UNESCO World Heritage Residence Scholarship 2023

The UNESCO World Heritage Residence Scholarship program 2023 edition will provide the following benefits to participants

  • Participants will receive a grant of about 4.500 euros (50.000 SEK) to carry out the idea/project in question
  • Participants will live in one or two World Heritage farms for a period of one month.


UNESCO is the short form for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The Organization seeks to build peace through international cooperation in Education, Sciences, and Culture.

The aim of UNESCO’s programs is to add to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals defined in Agenda 2030, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015. The Political and economic arrangements of most governments are not enough to secure the lasting and sincere support of the people.

The Organization seeks to ensure that Peace must be founded upon dialogue and mutual understanding and also built upon the intellectual and moral solidarity of humanity.

How to Apply for the UNESCO World Heritage Residence Scholarship 2023?

Eligibility Criteria for the UNESCO World Heritage Residence Scholarship Qualification

The world Heritage Residence scholarship is an international Program and can be applied for by people from all over the world. These persons include: researchers, artists or other cultural actors;

All Submitted applications are expected to showcase art projects in all different shapes and forms, including research, virtual reality, conservation, film, audio, dance, photo, storytelling, communication, sculpture, teaching and handicraft, and much more.

  1. Application Deadline

February 15, 2023.

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