Study Grants for Ukrainian at Cologne University of Applied Science in Germany 2022

2022 Study Grants for Ukrainian at Cologne University of Applied Science in Germany: To assist the Ukrainian students achieve their academic goal and to help them succeed in their career, The Cologne University is delighted to offer a study grants for the 2022/23 academic session.

The scholarship grants seeks to offer help to Ukrainian students who wants to commence or continue their Undergraduate degree course work at the University.

2022 Study Grants for Ukrainian at Cologne University of Applied Science in Germany

About Cologne University

Founded in 1971 as a fusion of renowned predecessor institutions, the Cologne University of Applied Sciences officially called TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences is an institute of higher education located in Cologne. It ranks 63rd in the entire nation.

Cologne University of Applied Sciences creates social innovation and contributes to solving the challenges of today’s society. The TH Köln has received a positive system accreditation from the German accreditation council, having demonstrated that its quality management system in the field of study and teaching is suitable for ensuring that the qualification goals and quality standards of its study programs are achieved.

Selection Requirements:

  • The applicants must be enrolled at TH Köln with the aim of obtaining a university degree.
  • The applicants must be in financial need due to the war in their home country.
  • The applicants must have supplemented their foreign higher education entrance qualification with a German Studienkolleg.

Entry Process:

Students can log in to the university portal to make their admission applications. To apply for the scholarship, students must complete the scholarship application form and mail it to along with the listed supporting documents.

Supporting Documents:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proof of special financial need – if possible
  • Proof of financing your studies (bank statements for the last 3 months. If applicable, copies of employment contracts/scholarship agreements),
  • Current certificate of enrolment
  • Copy of your residence permit
  • Copy of the page of your passport with your personal details

Eligible Requirements:

 Ukrainian national students are eligible to apply

Entry Requirements:

Application Perks

The Cologne University of Applied Sciences will offer a scholarship of EUR 861 for up to 3 months of study. However, depending on the availability of funds and the situation in Ukraine, an extension of the scholarship will be considered.

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